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Greek Alphabet

Greek Alphabet for Beginners

Greek Letters English Name Pronunciation How to Type These
(Use the Symbol font)
Upper Lower
A a Alpha al-fah A  a
B b Beta bay-tah B  b
G g Gamma gam-ah G  g
D d Delta del-tah D d
E e Epsilon ep-si-lon E  e
Z z Zeta zay-tah Z  z
H h Eta ay-tah H  h
Q q Theta thay-tah Q  q
I i Iota eye-o-tah I  i
K k Kappa cap-ah K  k
L l Lambda lamb-da L  l
M m Mu mew M  m
N n Nu new N  n
X x Xi zai
(rhymes with eye)
X  x
O o Omicron om-i-cron O  o
P p Pi pie P  p
R r Rho row R  r
S s Sigma sig-mah S  s
T t Tau taw T  t
U u Upsilon oop-si-lon U  u
F f Phi fai
(rhymes with eye)
F  f
C c Chi kai
(rhymes with eye)
C  c
Y y Psi sigh Y  y
W w Omega o-may-guh W  w